New toy: Fuji X100

So, I finally bought a new toy.

I have some nice cameras (namely Canon EOS 400D and iPhone), but because my wife nicked my compact Canon S95 (which is still a pretty darn good), there has been some sort of void in my life. EOS 400D is way too bulky for every day use, and iPhone is… well, a phone with a camera.

At first I drooled over some Leica’s (M9 and X1), but M9 was way out of my price range, and X1 didn’t have optical viewfinder. True, you can get reasonable priced M9 chassis under 5000 €, but you would still need to buy some proper lenses too. So, ouch. Maybe in the future.

After doing some research, I found Fuji X100. Professionals seemed to call it “a poor man’s Leica.” I don’t know about that, but Fuji X100 is definitely awesome piece of work. There are some weird quirky stuff going on in the camera (like no automatic switching to a macro mode), but so far, I love the manual controls and the optical viewfinder. Picture quality is also pretty awesome. More about it later.

Check these out: